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Database Systems Journal, Vol. II, Issue 3/2011
Issue Topic: Tuning

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1. MySQL databases as part of the Online Business, using a platform based on Linux (p. 3-12)
Ion-Sorin STROE, University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania
The Internet is a business development environment that has major advantages over traditional environment. From a financial standpoint, the initial investment is much reduced and, as yield, the chances of success are considerably higher. Developing an online business also depends on the manager’s ability to use the best solutions, sustainable on a long term. The current trend is to decrease the costs for the technical platform by adopting open-source license products. Such platform is based on a Linux operating system and a database system based on MySQL product. This article aims to answer two basic questions: “A platform based on Linux and MySQL can handle the demands of an online business?” and “Adopting such a solution has the effect of increasing profitability?”
Keywords: Online Business, Profitability, Database Systems, Technical Platform, Linux, Oracle, MySQL, Internet.
2. Grid Computing Technology (p. 13-22)
Georgiana MARIN, Romanian-American University, Bucharest, Romania
This paper presents the grid computing technology, the recent developments in this field. The idea of grid computing has its origins in the early development of computer networks and technologies involved, given that CPU cycle use "free" or "unused" was seen as an optimal and cost-effective way to use all capabilities of the hardware resources which were very expensive machinery.
Keywords: Grid computing, technology, virtualization, data base, file system.
3. Business Process Management Solutions Performance Tuning and Configuration (p. 23-32)
Alexandra FLOREA, University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania
Business Process Management (BPM) solutions provide full integration between business and IT requirements, ensuring that the business requirement adapt more easily to the environmental changes. Given that today's business environment is characterized by ever growing dynamism, the use of BPM solutions can provide additional consistency and opportunities for rapid alignment to change. In this article we discus some of the standards and technologies for BPM solutions, we present several proposals for the lifecycle of a business process and also the main stages of our own proposal for a methodology for developing a BPM solution. Also we analyze one of the most popular BPM solutions on the market (Web Sphere Business Process Management suite) and present some key tuning and deployment guidelines.
Keywords: Business process, Business process management, Process lifecycle, Tuning.
4. Administration Interface in an e-Testing Software Platform (p. 33-42)
Diana BUTUCEA, University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania
Administration interfaces represent a subject that requires an in-depth analysis. Due to the complex tasks it needs to execute, the developer of such interfaces must find a perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics and modularity of it. While web users become more and more selective into choosing the websites they browse, the interface of any application must be impeccable. Since e-testing software platforms require a complex content management system, the paper will provide arguments over functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics and modularity of such platforms. An in-depth comparison over four CMSs will be made and a model of implementation will also be presented focusing on the administration interface and the functionalities it offers.
Keywords: Administration interface, user interface, database, software system, e-testing.
5. Data Acquisition and Storage in Engineering Systems (p. 43-52)
Cezar Liviu CERVINSCHI, University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania
Data storage represents a sensitive subject when it comes to a software system or a software application. Referring to engineering systems, data storage becomes even more challenging, since multiple functions must be accomplished and various tasks need real time response and high accuracy. While gathering information through data acquisition is relatively simple, with hardware and software equipment providing wide and complex documentation, data storage raises a set of issues, mainly due to communication channels, storage devices or software algorithms. In this context, the paper will focus on presenting some of the mostly used hardware devices and data transmission protocols in engineering applications, creating an overview over data manipulation and providing an implementation method, together with proposed solutions and a model of implementation regarding the topic.
Keywords: Data storage, engineering, data acquisition, database, system, microchip.
6. The development of an electronic business based on the MySQL technology (p. 53-62)
Andreea IONESCU, University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania
Andreea ISTOC, University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania
This article aims to demonstrate the importance of using relational database management system in working with web applications. We chose MySQL technology like representative relational database management system because has: portability, scalability, speed, is easy to use, is open source, is widely used by web developers and provides good security. We watched the analysis of an electronic business. We also presented the technologies that we have used: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS.
Keywords: Relational database management system, electronic business, MySQL technology, business to consumer type, security.